Classic Holiday Movie Post #1

Jaxon and I have a collection of old movies (mostly VHS) that we always dust off and watch during the holiday season. So far we’ve made it through two of them. I’ll post a classic clip each time we see another one. Got any seasonal favorites of your own? Feel free to make suggestions!


Classic Holiday Movie #1: Grumpy Old Men (1993)

We watched this the weekend before Thanksgiving. Is this what Hollywood thinks of Minnesota??? (Pretty accurate in some ways.) It starts around Thanksgiving and finishes shortly after Christmas. Burgess Meredith damn near steals the movie, but it’s Mathau and Lemmon late in their careers and still pitch-perfect as a combo. I saw it in the theater on Christmas Day, 1993, outside of Toledo, OH, with my sister and cousin. It still reminds us of our relatives. (I know the clip is labeled for “Grumpier Old Men” but it’s actually the first movie, not the second.)


Classic Holiday Movie #2: Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

I looked for this on TV on Thanksgiving  Day– didn’t NBC used to show it in the afternoon? Another one that starts at Thanksgiving and ends at Christmas. Super fun to see the mid-century architecture and decor in New York City, and the plot is endearing as well.

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