Monthly Archives: January 2013

Returning to Stories

It’s that time of year when scholarship applications come due, which has given me an opportunity to revisit parts of my own story as it has evolved over the course of my adulthood. In some ways, my work has been closely tied to storytelling ever since my early years at Michigan State, where I co-founded […]

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A Saturday Afternoon, in January, in Minnesota

I’ll write more soon, but wanted to share these photos from our afternoon hike. We’ve had a decent reprieve from the more severe temperatures this weekend, leading to some lovely, bright winter afternoons. Being out on a frozen lake with our dog, not another sound to disturb us, has enormous appeal.  

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The Good Year

Ever since 2008, Jaxon and I have kept the habit of giving each new year a broad theme, something that we hope to accomplish in the months ahead. It started after that perilous year when the economy crashed, and we had the first big financial scare of our partnered life together. We retroactively labeled 2008 […]

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