About Me and This Blog

Hi, I’m Michael. Years ago as a college freshman, I filled out a questionnaire that asked, “What would be your dream job?” I wrote, “I’d like to travel around the country, meet new people, and hear their stories.” Almost 20 years later and after one English degree, a certificate in publishing, a Master’s degree in social work, almost 10 years in nonprofits, and  a Ph.D., I think that’s still really what I want to do. I started the blog to try to start that conversation, but really I think it’s the continuation of the same conversation I’ve been having for the past 20 years. For the most part, it still hasn’t gotten boring.

2 responses to “About Me and This Blog

  1. Andrew E. Stoner ⋅

    Michael, I believe we e-mailed many moons ago about our shared interest in Randy Shilts. I wonder if we could talk again, perhaps by phone. I wanted to discuss an issue with you and get your insights. I always enjoy your posts – btw.

  2. Jennifer F ⋅

    Linda A said you may want to chat @ some point. Feel free to do so. Did you ever find the KQED videos? SFSU has a video archive that has some of Newsroom clips.

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